A New Beginning

Well, it’s been 9 months since my last published post.  I’ve been writing posts here and there, but I’ve been in the process of moving my blog to its own domain for … about 9 months now.  Less than a year, though!  That’s actually pretty good for me.

I moved everything over, and my photos got screwed up.  So I had to go through ALL 54 OF MY POSTS and redo ALL 185 PICTURES.  By the time I was close to being done with that, life got in the way.  I had to focus the majority of my time on stuff that actually made us money.

But over the last month or so, I’ve struck a good balance between teaching and transcription, which means I’ve been able to turn my attention back to writing up the escapades of my kitties, books, and life.

But first I had to finish all those stupid, bloody, god forsaken pictures. Ugh.

I moved domains because I wanted a little bit more freedom in how I set things up.  Blogger was OK, but when I redesign this one in the future, I can change anything I want without arguing with Blogger about it. Since I’ve taught myself webdesign and php, I could also just make my own.

I’m also not going to do ads on this site.  I personally hate ads.  Adblock Plus is my best friend. Besides I got a grand total of $4.16 from the entirety of the run of both of my blogs, so that’s like $2/year.  Basically, the ads wouldn’t even pay my hosting and domain fees, so it doesn’t really seem worth it to even have them on here.

In addition, I’ve merged this blog with my cross-stitch blog, so that all those posts are now archived here, and I will be adding new ones when appropriate.  I’m going to do crafty posts, regular blog posts, and I’m also planning a possible new section or two.  We’ll see.  Let’s just get up and running again and then we’ll worry about that later.

I’ve still got a few housekeeping things to do on the blog design.  But I was sick of having the domain stuck in “Coming Soon” mode and so now it’s officially open for browsing to the general public!

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