Works Completed

Here’s a collection of all the ‘major’ cross stitch projects that I’ve finished in the past:

I did all of these for my Mom.  Whenever I start a project for myself, I find it eventually falling by the wayside in favor of something for my Mom…

completed cross-stitch of siamese cat on a fence framed

This is Samantha.  I finished her when I was about 13 or 14?  It was my first major project, and I worked on it for about 7 years on and off.  When I have large projects I tend to work on them obsessively for months on end and then put them away for a little while.  I always come back to them in the end, though and finish them up.  This was the project that made me really interested in larger, more detailed cross stitch works.

completed cross-stitch of two swans framed

This was my next, and it took me less than a year.  Comparatively speaking, this one was a breeze compared to Samantha.

completed cross-stitch of two palominos

This one is not my favorite design-wise – I think it’s kind of blocky, but it’s one of the most meaningful.  I did this just after our horse, Big Boy passed away.  He was a palomino, and this one kind of reminded me of him.

completed framed cross-stitch of two horses and flowers

Can you tell we like animals in our family??  I love the flowers in this design.  Normally I’m not a frilly girly girl, but when it comes to my cross stitch I love fussy detail and flowery stuff.  It’s just so pretty!

completed framed ribbon embroidery of a basket

This one’s not actually cross stitch.  It’s ribbon embroidery, which I LOVE!  I discovered it almost by accident when I was at the craft store.  This was on clearance, and it was supposed to make the top of a keepsake box.  I didn’t really like the box that much and I thought it was pretty enough to hang so I use the box for my silk ribbon embroidery supplies and my Mom framed and hung the design.  Unfortunately there are not many silk ribbon embroidery sets out there; I’ve considered making my own design, but visual art is just so not my strength.  Besides I have so many cross stitches that I want to do, who has the time?

cross-stitch completed of three kittens at a window watching birds

This is my most recent.  I just finished this for my Mom for her birthday. This one took me a couple years, and there was probably more stitching on this one than on Samantha.  It’s probably my most ambitious project to-date.


sampler cross-stitch of woods with a poem

This is another one that I did for my mom.  Smaller.  It didn’t take me very long to do it, and this is part of my push to get stuff done before I start my big project.

completed cross-stitch wedding bells and doves

This is a piece that I procrastinated on for years.  It was for a friend’s wedding… 10 years ago.  It’s finished now, it just needs framing.

I have a couple smaller projects in the works, and then an even more ambitious project from Golden Kite.

midsummer fairyHere’s a picture of the painting that the pattern is based on.  This one will probably take me a while.  It’s twice the size of the biggest one I did, and has 3 times the number of colors.  Also, because it’s based on a painting, there will be a bunch of random color changes all over the place.  It’s the first Golden Kite pattern I’ve ever done, and hopefully I’ll make it through!

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