Working Out

Today I learned that I’m out of shape.

I do two different types of workouts.  One is a HIIT workout where I do intervals of as fast as I can and resting, and the other is a strictly aerobic workout.  This means I put on a heart rate monitor and I keep my heart rate in specific zones.  During this workout, I’m not allowed to have my heart rate go too high. (I do this because I have a tendency to push too hard, and then after I’ve spent 30 minutes with a heart rate in the redline zone, I swear off exercising for… forever.  You know, after the dry heaving and asthma attack stops.)

So it might have been a while since my last work out… and to my credit, I started out fairly well.  Light jog to get my heart rate up into the right zone and then walking once it was there. (I have an audio warnings that let me know when I’m not in the right zone. Isn’t technology amazing?) Zone 1 is not hard enough.  Zone 4 is too hard.  Everything else is fine.

So about 10 minutes into the workout, I was leisurely strolling up a slight incline.


… Oops, too hard. I slowed down.


I slowed down more, but now I felt silly.  I was barely walking.

So I did what everyone does when they feel awkward, I pulled out my phone to text someone.

 Text about being out of shape

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