The Nature Channel

In an unprecedented series of photos, we document the hunting skills of a Wild Momo.

Let’s watch as this fearsome beast earns his title of King of the Jungle.

WARNING: These pictures contain disturbing acts of violence and may not be suitable for those with weaker stomachs.

In a rare unguarded moment, the vicious beast naps in what we can only assume is his natural habitat.

Cute Kitty In A Laundry Basket

Startled, the fierce hunter awakens.  He senses prey nearby.

Kitty In A Laundry Basket

He spots his unsuspecting quarry and waits.  Soon…

Orange Kitty Planning To Get You Soon

He slashes his prey with his razor sharp claws.

Momo ferociously attacking Chris

He stares his opponent down – unflinching – he knows no fear.

Momo and Chris nose to nose

Without warning, the fearsome beast attacks – swiftly and brutally.

If you have small children, you should probably instruct them to leave the room.

Momo licking Chris' nose
Momo licking Chris' nose closeup

What?  Too much?

 It’s called artistic license, people. Sheesh.

Everyone’s a critic.

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