Welp. In a couple of hours I’m going to go get my hair dyed… LIGHTER.

dramatic chipmunk gif

This is the first thing that I have done in a solid 7 or 8 years… possibly longer, to my hair that has the potential to turn out epically awful. I’m not counting my fretting about whether to dye my hair black, because – as it turns out – my hair is close enough to black already that pretty much only my mom noticed.  Actually every time I’ve EVER dyed my hair, only my mom and maybe Melissa notices because my hair is so dark. The conversation usually goes like this:

Me: Hey! I dyed my hair.
Everyone In The World Except My Mom and Maybe Melissa: Are you sure?  It’s still brown.
Me: No, no no.  When I stand in direct sunlight in the middle of the day, there are like 12 hairs that are slightly reddish-dark-brown.  It’s totally different.
Them: …. It looks… good.  Like it did before.
Me: >.<

This is also the first time I have ever had my hair lightened.  Eek.  Big trust being given to my hair dresser, here – she asks me almost every time I go in to get my hair cut if I’ve ever thought of going red…

I’ll post later and let you know if she’s still my hairdresser.


Well I suppose I should post a before picture.  And she curled it afterward so I had to find a curly before picture.  So here’s me from New Years…. 2012?

Old Hair

I even cropped the drink out of my hand so I don’t look like a lush :0)

As I’ve said I’ve never had my hair lightened before, so it was a new experience.  She mixes the stuff up and I see it before she puts it in my hair…

Um... that is what you're going to put on my hair??

Um… that is what you’re going to put on my hair??

 So I’m now thinking that this was a horrible idea.

Oh, the memories of past failed hair experiments.  All of them involved this drier thing.

Oh, the memories of past failed hair experiments. All of them involved this drier thing.

She paints the stuff on my hair and I kind of resemble a Dr. Seuss character – no picture for that – and she sticks me under the drier to let it …. do whatever it needs to do.  At this point I have a vivid flashback of other very bad decisions I’ve made regarding my hair.

One word.


You will not be getting a picture of that, but let’s suffice it to say that it was not one of my better hair decisions.

After the drier was done, it was the moment of truth.    Well not exactly.  She had to wash off the Seuss goop, dry it and style it.  But then came the moment of truth.

Ta-Da! So pretty

Ta-Da! So pretty

Old HairHappy With Hair



So there we have it.  My hair is a color it’s never been before.  It’s weird, because although it is lighter, it basically looks the same… but better…

So I still have a hair dresser.   :)

But wait.  There’s more. My hairdresser has this amazing magical automatic hair curler.  Holy buckets, you guys.  Allow me, if you will, a moment of pure girly pleasure when I tell you that it’s the bestest most amazingest super duper awesome gadget I’ve ever seen or used and I want one.

Don’t believe me?

Here.  Have a video.  The amazing happens at the 17 second mark.

I was a little put off by my hair getting sucked into a mechanical device… everything that I’ve ever learned about anything tells me that that is a really bad idea.  Probably the worst idea ever.  It can end in nothing but tears… and a great deal of pain.

But it didn’t.   There was no pain.   No pulling or yanking.  And you saw the picture, my hair was all curled and it took less than 10 minutes.  It sucks your hair in, you hold it for a little bit and then it beeps at you to tell you it’s done.   I won’t lie.  I might be in love.

The future is now.

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