Android’s Autocorrect Thinks We’re Much Classier Than We Actually Are

So my friend got a new phone not too long ago, and one day this happened:

chiffonier autocorrect

I asked her if she even knew what a chiffonier was, and she had no idea.  So I decided to look it up.  Because that’s what I do.  I look things up.  I don’t know what I did before the almighty Google.  Well, that’s not true.  I do remember.  There were these massive sets of books called “encyclopedias” and no matter what you were looking up, they did not have the answer.  So if you really wanted the answer you would have to leave the house, go to the library, and try to find information about it in an actual book made out of paper.   Pain. In. The. Ass.

But we live in the era of Google and Wikipedia so within a matter of moments I found a wonderful article on wikipedia all about chiffoniers.

Apparently a chiffonier is:

“a piece of furniture differentiated from the sideboard by its smaller size and by the enclosure of the whole of the front by doors. Its name (which comes from the French for a rag-picker) suggests that it was originally intended as a receptacle for odds and ends which had no place elsewhere…”

So… a junk drawer.

But here’s the thing.   Here’s the picture that they have in the article:


Classiest. Junk drawer. EVER.

2 thoughts on “Android’s Autocorrect Thinks We’re Much Classier Than We Actually Are

  1. Lol. I remember that conversation! Auto correct is still out to get me. I sent a pic to a friend when we saw that awesome steampunk Iron Man, and the txt was supposed to say “It’s awesome his chest and hands light up too, you have to see this.” Only weeks later when I get a different txt from her do I realize that what it actually sent her was “It’s awesome his testes and hands light up too, you have to see this.” Oddly she said nothing of it at the time about me really wanting to show her some guys testes. But they were light up testes. That would be pretty impressive.

    1. Ha! I bet you did voice dictation for that one. Chest piece. Testes. That’s hilarious.

      My autocorrect and I get along so well that sometimes when I have a really long word to spell, I just spell it wrong from the beginning and it will suggest the correct spelling before I’m done with the 3rd or 4th letter so I don’t have to type it.

      All Hail the Lazy.

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