A giant update!

It’s been a while since I’ve written.

A loong while. As many of you know, I have another blog that I’ve been writing for about a year now, and every time I returned to this one, I realized how screwed up the layout was and I pretty much just didn’t want to fix it.

So as you can tell, I’ve changed a lot in terms of appearance, but I’m still not completely happy with it, but it’s better for now.

But today I have a big giant update on all the things I’ve been working on but have been too lazy to change the blog all around to actually post about.

I have had this huge cross-stitch planned for a while.  GIANT.  Epically large.  But a quick perusal of my cross-stitch drawer led to the realization that I had Too Many Unfinished Projects to start something of that magnitude.

So I set The Plan in motion.  It’s not a complicated plan.  At all.

The Plan:

1) Finish the old projects before you start that giant new one.

The End

So I’ve been working on the plan for about a year, and here are the projects I finished:

First, I had a project that had been sitting in my drawer for a LONG time.  Possibly 15 years.  So not just one drawer, it had been systematically moved from drawer to drawer like 6 times.

It was a project that my mom wanted done, but when I looked at the pattern I thought it was ugly, so I just didn’t bother to ever do it.  How’s that for passive aggressive…  well, I don’t know about passive, because I actually told her on several occasions that I thought it was ugly.

blurry framed cross stitch sampler

Regardless, it had been sitting there forever.  Compared to some of my past stuff, it was quick and easy.  I think it took me a month or two.  I gave it to her, she was thrilled to finally have it.  And honestly, after staring at it for a few months, it kind of grew on me.  I wouldn’t want one of my own, but it’s not in the category of ugliest cross-stitch ever anymore either.

blurry finished cross stitch sampler

A closer picture… not that you can see it any better. Taking pictures through glass sucks.


finished cross stitch sampler

Despite there being more reflection in this one, you can actually see the detail better.

Then there was The One.   The one that probably takes the prize for worst procrastination ever.  The previous one, I pretty much refused on principle.  This one?  I’ve written about it before, but it was for a wedding like 10 years ago.  Oops.

Regardless, it’s finished now, and I have the framing stuff all picked out.  I just need to take it in and pay them exorbitant amounts of money :)

finished wedding cross stitch with planned frame
Here is one that I actually made for myself.  Normally I make cross-stitches for other people, but this one was all me.  So naturally I procrastinated on it.  This one was about … 9 years?  8?  Somewhere in that neighborhood.  It was also a small one by my standards, so it didn’t take me too long.  A few months at most.
cat standing on finished cross stitch

My cat is under the impression that anything that touches the floor needs to be stood upon.

completed framed asian butterfly cross-stitch

It was also a really fun one to stitch because of all of the different bright colors.  Usually a cross stitch has one dominant color and then 500 different shades of that color.  The next one after this, it’s yellow.  So. Many. Yellows.

So here are my remaining works in progress:

This one is the one I’m currently working on.  It’s about … 10ish years old.   It’s a little bit bigger, and has a lot of bead work that will go on it.  It’s an older Mirabilia design.  I got it back when I was discovering all sorts of newer ‘modern’ cross stitch designers.  Designers who I later came to realize must have some sort of deal with the people that make expensive thread and beady “treasures” to put as much of that crap on their design as possible so that the manufacturers will actually sell that stuff to someone.

partially complete adia garden fairy from mirabilia

The holes in the design will be where all the expensive crap goes.

I always do beadwork, backstitch, and extra stuff last, because it doesn’t take kindly to being put into a hoop.  It stretches and tears it and then it doesn’t sit nicely on the fabric anymore.

partially complete adia garden fairy from mirabilia

Don’t get me wrong.  It will be gorgeous when it’s done.  But with all the extra crap, the thread and the linen, this one weighed in close to $80 just for the materials.  No thanks.  I’ll stick to beautiful design and not relying on a bunch of accessory junk to fancy up a piece.

partially complete dragon soul cross stitch

Work in Progress

There’s the Dragon Soul.  My first super complicated piece.  I’ve written about it before, and I haven’t gotten any more done on it, but that one is next up on the docket.

Selena Fenech dragon soul

Picture the design is based off of

Now, I did say I was going to finish everything before getting any new ones…  but apparently I lied.  I’m weak, what can I say.

I saw this design and absolutely fell in love with it.  It combines three of my favorite things.  Fairies, tea, and baths.  I mean, I was powerless to resist.

heaven and earth designs tea bath

How. Adorable. Is. That?

And then there’s the big one.  I fully expect that this one will take me a long time (like, a decade).  Other projects will come and go in the interim.  But at this point, I think I’ve proven that I can take on big projects and finish them… eventually.  And although it seems like I’ve abandoned projects in the past, I always come back and finish them off.

Edward Robert Hughes Midsummer Eve Fairy

I keep saying this is big.  But how big?  What does that even mean?  Well here are the stats.

Stitch count: 241×339 = ~81,000 stitches  – To put that in perspective, the biggest one I’ve ever done was the three kittens in a window (which took me 7 years – on an off) which was 252×162 or ~40,000 stitches and a fair percentage of those stitches were half stitches.  So this one will be more than double the stitches.

Colors: 89 solid colors, 111 blended colors for a total of 200 different symbols on the chart.

Dimensions: On 18 count cloth, which is probably what I’ll do, it will measure 13.375″ x 18.75″

If you took all the rows of stitches on 18 count cloth and laid them end to end instead of putting them underneath one another, it would stretch 375 feet.  Which is higher than our state capitol (and thus higher than any building in Madison, because no building can be higher than the capitol) and as high as the 7th tallest building in Milwaukee.  (I checked my math like 50 times thinking that there was no way this could be right.  But it is… holy crap.)

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