The Cat and the Spider

So last night I was sitting in bed surfing the interwebs when I saw it.

The blur of a fast-moving 8-legged critter crawling out from under the blanket.

I scrambled out of bed, trying not to yell too loudly because the husband was sleeping soundly next to me.

I fumbled toward the foot of the bed where Kiki was happily snoozing, scooped her up amidst distressed and pathetic I-was-sleeping-why-are-you-moving-me meows, pointed her in the general direction that the spider had traveled, and took a gigantic step BACK from the bed.

Her previous annoyance at being so cruelly disturbed disappeared the instant that the spider moved.

Yippeee! A fun thing to play with!

She pawed at it and chased it in circles.  At one point she had it under her paw.  Of course, then she peeked under there to make super double sure she had it and the little bastard got away.

Still, it looked like she had the spider situation well in hand, and I was just about to congratulate myself on my wonderfully clever solution to the EEEK! THERE’S A SPIDER ON THE BED problem…

And then she chased the tiny menace right under my pillows.

Thanks, kitty.  You have taken an icky problem and made it infinitely more disturbing.

With the spider firmly entrenched under my pillows, Kiki seemed view this as an unsolvable problem and she settled in to wait the little bastard out.

Lucky for both of us, I have opposable thumbs.  I picked up the top pillow and the spider scurried out. Which, of course, caused me to shriek (quietly, because the husband is still sleeping) and throw the pillow across the room.

The spider raced across the bed and down the side heading for the floor.

Meanwhile, the stalwart huntress was convinced that the spider was still under the remaining pillows after having been distracted by loud noises and flying pillows.

I picked her up again and again was greeted with annoyed meows and wriggling, only this time she was annoyed with me because she thought I was taking her away from the fun spider/toy.  I pointed her at the spider’s new location until she spotted it again.

Look!  Another spider to play with!!

She wriggled out of my hands and merrily chased this new (to her) spider under the bed.  Where, although I did not see it, I am 100% confident that she smashed it mightily and ate it like the spider-killing warrior cat that she is.

2 thoughts on “The Cat and the Spider

  1. Haha had a similar sitch a while back and tried to use Dracula as a spider killer, lifting him up, pointing at the spider, hoping he’d do my bidding. That’s when we learned that he didn’t do spiders anymore. Prior to that he ate a spider the size of a half dollar coin and converted it to a pile of puke.

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