The Hunger Games

The Momo is on a feeding schedule.

In an attempt to keep the Momo from meowing at us all day long to get food from us, we bought an automatic feeder.  We love the automatic feeder.  Before we got it, life with Momo was a constant stream of “Feed me, feed me, feed me. I’m going to die I’m so hungry. Feed me.”  Now we feed him wet food once a day and the rest of the feedings are taken care of by the feeder.

It works really well for the most part.  Except for the occasions when it doesn’t.

Like today. 

The automatic feeder feeds The Momo at 2pm.  I give him wet food at 6.  It’s the same every single day. You would not know this if you listen to The Momo.  You’d think he hasn’t eaten in weeks.

2pm:  The automatic feeder turns.  The Momo lifts his head briefly from his nap, but decides he’s too tired to go all the way downstairs to actually go eat and goes back to sleep.

3pm:  The Momo wakes up.  He is hungry, but has now forgotten that there is food in his dish.  He sits on my desk and stares at me while I’m on the treadmill desk.  It’s creepy.

3:30pm: I get done using the treadmill desk and move to my actual desk to work for a while.  The Momo believes that I have stopped the treadmill desk because I’m getting ready to feed him.  Insistent pathetic meowing commences.  I try to tell him that there is food downstairs and that he’s only hungry because he skipped lunch, but he doesn’t speak people so he continues to meow piteously.  This is followed shortly by him pressing his cold wet nose into the back of my arm repeatedly while I try to work.

4:15pm: The Momo has been meowing at me and annoying me for 45 minutes straight and I relent.  I head toward the stairs and he gleefully rockets downstairs toward the food dish. 

He is startled by the presence of food in the dish. 

But now he has decided that since I’m here, I should feed him wet food and continues to meow plaintively despite his dish being full.  I place him firmly in front of his dry food and head back upstairs.  He eats.

All is quiet.

4:45pm: Kiki has determined that The Fat One received some sort of reward for his relentless meowing and annoying behavior and she becomes determined to be similarly rewarded.  She repeatedly smashes her face into my mouse hand causing me to wildly click on things I had no intention of clicking on.

5:15pm: The Momo returns to my office and finds that the position of on-the-desk-annoyance has already been filled by the other cat.  He revises his annoyance strategy and begins a pre-feeding staring session. 

5:45pm: Kiki has noticed Momo’s tactic and joins in.  Kiki sits on my desk.  Momo sits on the floor.  Both of them stare intently at me.

6:00pm: It’s food time!  I stand from my desk and both cats race downstairs.  Kiki to her counter.  Momo to his food dish.  I divvy up the food.  The Momo eats most of his in 30 seconds and waddles upstairs to pass out until Chris comes home.  Kiki sniffs hers disdainfully and jumps off the counter without eating anything at all.

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