Kiki Loves Carrots

My cats are weird.  Not regular weird.  Weird.  So I’ve decided that I will start a series about the strange things that my cats do.

Without further ado, let’s get to the first installment of


I figured I’d start from least weird and go to most weird, so this one is pretty tame, but I have the video so naturally it had to go on the internet.

The thing about Kiki is that if you just take a picture of her doing weird stuff, it always looks like a normal picture.  To truly appreciate how weird she is, you really need video.  Luckily, I have said video.

I was putting away some of the other groceries when I turned around and this was happening.  The actual video was about 8 minutes long, but I edited it down because it’s really not worth 8 minutes of your time.  Now it’s like 45 seconds.

You’re welcome.

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