No One Will Notice

My husband and I have what I consider to be a fair and equitable division of labor.

I do the laundry. He does the dishes.
We switch catbox duty every week.
He does the snow blower. I do the vacuuming.
He does the pruning. I do the weeding.

We also have a rule that you can’t nag the other person unless your corresponding chore is complete.  Which is probably why neither the pruning nor the weeding have been done since June of last year.

The result is that we really only notify the other when whatever’s going on is getting a little extreme.

Such as:

“Hey, hon?  Are you going to do whites anytime soon? I’m through my matching socks and am down to the weird ones with holes in them.


“Hey, just thought I’d mention that I just ate my cereal out of a tupperware container with a serving spoon because we have no bowls or regular spoons clean.”

It works for us.

We have somewhat the same division with different areas of the house.

I kind of have the upstairs and he kind of has the downstairs with some overlapping neutral territory here and there and in-between.

So I happened to mention to him the other day that the area around his desk has been getting… a little out of hand.

Giant Mess

I didn’t really think much about it after that.  I figured either he’d clean it or not.  I can’t throw stones, the guest bedroom looks like a war zone. But tonight he had his guy friends over to play some sort of Star Wars role-playing game.  I don’t do table-top role playing, so I’m not involved with that, but from what I can glean, it involves fart jokes, piloting various types of fictional aircraft, and swearing at each other.  There might be more to it, but I never stick around long enough to find out.

Regardless, after everyone was gone, I went downstairs to grab a towel out of the dryer and found something fascinating.  He had solved the difficult problem of having guests over in a messy area in a new and intriguing way and I thought I’d share…


2 thoughts on “No One Will Notice

  1. Not exactly what I thought you would wrap up in the blanket when I gave it to you… But I’m glad to see you are getting some use out of it. LOL
    Very creative Chris :-)

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