Just Like A Kitty Carrier

A few miles away from where we live, they’re putting in stop lights at an intersection.  They’ve been like this:


Turned sideways and covered for two or three weeks now.  There are obvious reasons for doing this.  Maybe it takes time to set it all up, maybe they want to let people get used to them being here before they turn them on…

But the only thing that I can think every time I drive past is that I feel like they’re doing the same thing to us that I do to my cats when I know I’m going to be taking them to the vet.

A week or so before their vet appointment, I dig the kitty carrier out of the basement and set it up upstairs like this:

grey cat carrier with open door

I’d like to say that I do this so that they get used to the carrier and when vet-day comes, they wander in there willingly and we skip off to the vet and everyone is happy.  That was certainly my plan when I first did this.

In reality, they see the carrier and they know at some point, someone is getting stuffed in there and taken to the vet.  But because I put it upstairs so early, they have no idea when it’s going to happen, and they can’t hide all the time.  So after a while, they let down their guard, and then I stuff them in there and take them to the vet.  I feel like a big meanie, but at least I don’t have to drag them out from under a bed by the scruff of their necks like I would have to if I hauled out the carrier the day of… that’s better, right?

Note:  Now I feel super bad.  Kiki was sitting on my lap while I was writing this, then I went downstairs to dig out the kitty carrier to take the picture above, and when I came back upstairs, she was hiding under the bed.

orange cat derp meme

This post started out about traffic lights.  I’m not sure what happened after that.

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