Oh Mississippi

I have an iPhone, and late at night I often find myself downloading extremely stupid free apps.  They always seems like such a great idea at the time (and hey, they’re free), but I usually wind up deleting them a day or two later.

So one night I downloaded a strange little app called Show of Hands.   It’s a polling app that allows you to answer questions and then see how other people answered the same question.

Here’s the description for the app:

app description as seen on national tv and the us congress

How can you not download that??? If the U.S. CONGRESS uses it, it’s got to be the best app ever!

If you read the reviews (and I did), there are some people out there that are very upset that the “results are biased” and that the app is “not an accurate depiction of public opinion across the country”.  But what I think they meant to say was that they answered a political question and the app says that the majority disagreed with their opinion.  This is clearly the developer’s fault.

Of course it’s not an accurate depiction of public opinion across the country.  Do these people really believe that the developers could somehow force the app to randomly sample the entire country for each question – which would include people that don’t have $600 smart phones with data packages and people who do have those things but aren’t doodling around on their phone at 3AM answering political questions in a free polling app.

These are what we call unrealistic expectations – come on people. 

Regardless, I do have a smart phone and I don’t have unrealistic expectations, and I was doing nothing of particular interest a la 3AM, so I downloaded it and and used it for approximately 15 minutes.  It was sort of cute.  There were pie graphs and it showed different demographics about who had voted for what.  It reminded me of the Everybody Votes channel from the Wii only less cute and not as much fun.

I was just about to close out and delete it when I came across this:

is nascar a sport mississippi only state that said yes

Mississippi. Standing up for what they believe in.

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