Getting work done

So working from home has a lot of advantages.  A lot. There’s just no denying that.  As a matter of fact, I’d hazard to say it’s the best thing ever in the history of the world.  Hence why I’ve chosen to do it.

The biggest drawback I hear people talk about when they talk about working from home are the distractions.   I have to agree with them, however, when they say “distractions”, I don’t think they’re talking about the same things as I am.

I hear a lot of people talk about the internet being a huge distraction, and while I have been known to lose an hour or two here and there on reddit, I don’t consider that distraction unique to working from home.  I worked in an office.  They had the internet there too and there were plenty of people that were doodling around on Facebook rather than working.  Plus, I can’t count the number of times that I’ve seen people’s comments on reddit say “Ooh, here’s a great story…. glad you guys liked it and I’d love to answer more questions, but I’m at work, I’ll post more when I get home.”

There are also some home-specific things I’ve heard people complain about, but these aren’t really a problem for me.

Number one – the television.  Meh.  I have a list of shows as long as my arm that I’ve been meaning to finish or catch up on for EONS, and I never seem to get around to it.  I take this as a good sign.

The other one I’ve heard about is “wanting to do housework”.  I have NO idea what that even means.  I mean, I understand the individual words, but when you string them together like that… they just don’t make sense.

I would have to say that my biggest distraction (literally and figuratively) is The Momo.  He’s 16 pounds of fuzzy cuddly demanding cuteness.  When a 16 pound cat wants to cuddle with you, you WILL be cuddled.

But he hasn’t always been the master of distraction that he is today.  It is a status that he has gained through years of dedication and trial and error. Below you will find documentation of his evolution into the fuzzy mastermind of ultimate distraction.

Phase 1:

This one wasn’t too bad.  You can see that the path to the computer is free and clear.  His tail is a dangerous weapon to be avoided, but other than being whacked in the arm repeatedly while trying to work, it wasn’t too bad.

This phase was abandoned by The Momo early on.  He felt that this was not invasive enough and sought to develop other ways of getting his cuddles while I’m working.

Orange and grey cats on desk next to computer

Phase 2:

Among his many other talents, The Momo is an accomplished seat stealer.  Get up to go to the bathroom?  He will take your seat.

This plan was also ultimately abandoned, because he soon discovered that although he’s a big kitty, I’m bigger and I will not hesitate to just toss him off the chair.

Orange cat sitting on a white chair

Phase 3:

His next plan was ingenious.  He attempted to capitalize on his resounding cuteness to distract me away from working.   You will notice his masterful placement just behind my shoulder and his finely honed technique of leaning heavily against me.  This means that in order to get rid of him, I have to actually turn all the way around, pick him up, and move him.  All the while, he’s being devastatingly adorable.  At any moment in the process, my resolve may fail and cuddling will ensue.  This is also the same technique he uses in the morning to take all of the pillow.

It was difficult, but my powers of ignoring everything around me are almost superhuman.  I can ignore anything. I am the Master of selective attention. When I’m absorbed in something you won’t even know that I’m not paying attention – we might have a whole conversation, but later I will have no memory of anyone speaking to me.  I will argue this point until you are bored and quit.  I then consider this proof that I was right – that conversation never happened.

As far as The Momo is concerned, I resisted the cuteness (for the most part), and kept on working – occasionally tossing him off the back of the chair if he was being particularly annoying.

Momo CuddlesMomo On Back Of Chair

But then one day…

He started by standing in the hood of my hoodie and head butting me.  Annoying? Sure – especially when he nibbled on my hair – but I’ve overcome worse.

A Momo On My Shoulder

He then settled in over my shoulder with one paw periodically reaching down to touch my upper arm to let me know that he’s there and he would like some cuddles, please. When he does this he’s so polite about it – I always imagine that he has an English accent – a little kitty Oliver.  “Please, miss, may I have some more [cuddles]?”

His plan appears to working, because I am now taking pictures of him with photo booth rather than doing whatever it was that I had been working on.

A Momo On My Shoulder 2

Attention…. shifting…

Can’t help…

Too cute…

And now…

Phase 4: The Nuzzle.

There is no amount of concentration in the universe that can withstand a Phase 4  Momo Nuzzle.

Momo Forceably Cuddling Me

Maximum cuteness level achieved.

Resistance is futile.  You will be cuddled.*

*Until The Momo is done with cuddle time.  Then he’s all teeth and claws.  He is still a cat, after all.

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