Weekend To-Do List – Nerd Style

Weekend to-do lists are a fact of life. Everyone that works during the week has them – that giant list of things that needs to be accomplished and can’t be done in the short amount of time between getting home at night and going to bed or before work.

My husband and I are no different.  However, upon reviewing one of our weekend to-do lists, we realized that while we might have a to-do list like everyone else, our to-do list contains significantly more awesome than average.

Here was our weekend to-do list:

  1. Grocery Shopping
  2. Watch Babylon 5
  3. Hang the picture that’s been sitting in the closet 
  4. Go try out Elder Signs at board game store
  5. Work on cleaning out the garage
  6. Work on rules for the card game Chris made
  7. Stage combat sword fighting

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