Halloween 2012

My post is later than usual this week mainly because Halloween is our favorite holiday around here, so I was preparing for that celebration instead of writing a blog post.  My husband, my friend Melissa and I went as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (well, technically, zombie – singular) this year.

Then when it was all over, Assassin’s Creed III came out. Whoops.  There went Tuesday.

So I’ll try to make up for the lameness – and lateness – of the post by just putting awesome costume pictures all over it.

Here’s our Halloween as told in pictures – from the awesome to the disturbing, I give you the Inferno Halloween celebration of 2012.

First things first and most importantly – our costumes!

pride and prejudice and zombies halloween costume

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Isn’t her make-up fantastic?!  We spent a great deal of time on it, and it turned out super well.  Here.  Have a close-up.

zombie halloween makeup

Here’s the tutorial that shows step by step how to do the face.  The bartender tried to hide under the bar when she went to order a drink and refused to look at her for the rest of the night.

Ok.  Enough about us, what was everyone else up to?

There was some Alice in Wonderland

Alice and Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

Alice Halloween Costume

There was some Avengers action (but not as many as we thought there would be)

Captain America in jeans with a cigarette

Captain America in jeans with a cigarette – Captain ‘Murica?

Iron Man

Here’s Tony Stark and I being photobombed by the zombie third of our costume.

The jellyfish was pretty good, but believe it or not, I’ve actually already seen this costume done before, with lights and everything.

A light-up jellyfish

A light-up jellyfish

And because David Tennent was the best doctor ever…

The Tenth Doctor

The Tenth Doctor

The set of Batman villains was awesome!

Costume Contest

Here are some of the best ones up close:





two face halloween costume

Two Face

teenage mutant ninja turles april and splinter halloween costumes

The group of Ninja Turtles complete with April and Splinter.

Not one, but TWO Dr. Horribles.

two dr horrible halloween costumes

One came complete with a freeze ray – not a death ray.

Also – 2 Beetlejuices

two beetlejuice costumes

This guy.  Who may or may not have been here in years past… how would you even know if it was the same guy?

gi joe halloween costume

The real American Hero – complete with stand.

Heisenberg himself.

Walter White

Walter White

Where in the world?

carmen sandiego halloween costume

Carmen Sandiego. I loved this game when I was younger!

Black Cat from Spiderman

Black Cat from Spiderman

And from Invader Zim:

Gir! Doom doom doom doom doom doooom. Doomie doomie doom.

And here are a few others that were awesome as well (Which is code for, I’m not entirely certain who they are, but they looked cool.)
Halloween Costumes
awesome zipper face demon halloween costume

Possibly the creature from the black lagoon, but he's apparently not a big fan of cameras.

Possibly the creature from the black lagoon, but he’s apparently not a big fan of cameras.

So you’ve had your amazing, now here’s the disturbing.

Normally when I think unicorns, I think happy thoughts about goodness and light – even after that scene in Cabin in the Woods.  But these unicorns?  Disturbing.  So. Disturbing.

unicorn head costume

Most. Disturbing. Unicorns. Ever.

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