Heated Kitty Beds

This weekend, our oldest kitty, Kiki, was diagnosed with arthritis, but we’ve known for a few years that her joints were giving her problems.  Last year, we used this knowledge as an excuse to buy her a heated kitty bed.  We knew that she would love it, but it was mainly a present for us, because prior to the kitty bed, we were the only heated furniture in the house.  Sure, it was adorable that she wanted to cuddle all the time, but she would follow us from room to room, meowing until we sat down.

I suppose I can’t blame her; if my couch kicked me off and then wandered around the house while I stood around waiting to take a nap, I’d probably also follow it around insisting that it sit the hell down.

Needless to say, a stationary heated kitty bed was received quite well.

grey and white cat sleeping in heated kitty bed

The best part about the new heated furniture is that it doesn’t need to get up to pee in the middle of my six hour nap.

However, there were unanticipated problems.  Namely, The Momo.  The Momo wants whatever Kiki wants, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when there was a territory war over who got to sleep in the kitty bed.  Then again, we never manage to predict what our cats are going to do, so we were startled and amused when we discovered The Momo stuffed into Kiki’s new bed.

orange cat in heated kitty bed

It was noted that The Momo was…

big orange cat in small kitty bed

A bit large for the kitty bed – the sides of the bed strained when he curled up inside.

So we went back to the pet store and purchased the next size up for The Momo so that Kiki could have her bed back.

This was the result:

big cat in small kitty bed and small cat in big kitty bed

Sixteen pound cat – overflowing the tiny kitty bed. Nine pound cat – chillin in her new spacious Cadillac kitty bed.

Clearly, we know nothing about what our cats do or do not want.

cat sitting in shoe box instead of heated kitty beds if it fits I sits

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