Yoga With Cats

I do yoga.  I have cats.  So today, this happened.

orange cat doing yoga on mat

Me. Standing on my “yoga block” – otherwise known as The Handbook of Understanding and Measuring Intelligence - attempting to do crow.

This is the Momo.  He’s 16 pounds of fuzzy love, and does not care that I am attempting to do crow.  He would like to show off his mad cord chewing skillz.  I am against this idea.

Where does a Momo sit?

fat orange cat on yoga mat

Anywhere he wants.

fat orange cat on yoga mat

We come to a temporary agreement.  He gets the front of the mat and I can have the rest.

On to my forward fold.

orange cat on yoga mat

BUT WAIT! What is this?  You have way more mat than me!

orange cat on yoga mat attacking ankles

orange cat biting ankles


Needless to say, the Momo now has no mat and I have all the mat – well to be more accurate I am sitting at my computer uploading cat pictures to a blog instead of doing yoga.

So in reality, no one has any mat at all.

The Momo: 0  Yoga Doer: 0  Yoga Mat:1

You win this round, mat, but later I’m going to do jumping jacks on top of you.  Take. That.

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