Procrastination: I has it.

So as you can see on my Works Completed page, I have finished a number of cross-stitch projects.  However there have been a couple of projects that have fallen through the cracks.  One in particular has been bothering me lately, and a couple of weeks ago I decided to pick it back up and work on it again.

This particular one I was working on for a friend’s wedding… wait for it… almost 10 years ago. They’ve got 3 kids now.

cat facepalm meme

I worked on it like a fiend up until the wedding and then because I didn’t complete it, I just let it rest for a while thinking I could give it to them for their 1st anniversary.  Well…  so that didn’t happen.

One night, I was wondering how close I had come to completing it.  I pulled it out of the drawer where I had been keeping it, and I discovered that I didn’t really have that much more to complete. There will be 2 birds and some writing on it as well, but compared to some of the stuff I’ve been working on over the past 10 years, not too bad.

Here’s a picture of it:

partially complete cross stitch with birds and wedding bells

So I started working on it again, and I realized it’s a complete mess!  There are patches of incomplete areas, big areas that are completely done and small holes that are missing stitches all over the place.  There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to which are complete and which aren’t.  What the heck was I doing back then??

But I’m determined to finish what I started, so I wound up going through the entire thing and highlighting which stitches had been done and which hadn’t so at least now I can just fill in the blank spots.

highlighted cross stitch chart for weddingKind of a bad picture

highlighted cross stitch pattern with mistakes circled in red

The red circles are where there are bunches of stitches missing.  You can see the white spots dotted in amongst the yellow too.  So strange.

highlighted cross stitch chart for wedding

Here’s one of the birdies.

So I think it’ll be really pretty once it’s complete.  Maybe I can give it to them for their 10th anniversary… better late than never?

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