Goblins Ate My Thread

A little further.  I haven’t had much time to stitch.  We’ve been working on stripping the paint off our deck.  Yuck. And we’ve also been trying to get our house clean, which always seems like a losing battle.

But onto the goblins…  The weirdest thing happened while I was stitching tonight. I was just starting a new strand that was probably about 24″ long, I started it, stitched about 9 stitches and I remembered a video that I wanted to show Chris.  I set my stitching aside, picked up my laptop and showed Chris the video. Upon returning I found the new strand was about 2 inches long and my needle was nowhere to be seen.

No cats in sight, my scissors were capped and no other sharp implements anywhere nearby…. so freaking strange!  Goblins I say! Goblins!

Anywho, here’s a picture of where I am.  Considering how little I’ve stitched, I’ve gotten pretty far, shouldn’t be too much longer.  Relatively speaking, of course, considering my last piece took me years to complete!

partially complete asian butterfly cross stitch

I think I’ll post some pics next of the materials for my next project.  I’ve got the fabric and most of the thread all nice and tidy in my project box.

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