I really love to cross stitch.  I’ve been stitching since I was little, maybe about 5 or 6.  I go in spurts, I’ll stitch like crazy for a couple of months and then I’ll forget about my projects for a while, but eventually I always come back to it.

From the very beginning, I was dissatisfied with a lot of the cross stitch designs that I saw.  I thought they were blocky and some of them didn’t even come close to resembling the object they were trying for.  So began my quest.  It was hard when I was younger, there weren’t many detailed designs out there and you really had to hunt for ones that looked beautiful. Dimensions was really the only company out there producing beautiful designs that weren’t stamped on. (Or possibly, because I lived in a small town, I just didn’t have access to the really nice ones) Recently, it’s become a lot easier to find projects that are beautiful and satisfying.

Here is a picture of my current project.

partially complete asian butterfly cross stitch

And here’s what it’ll look like when it’s finished.

completed asian butterfly cross-stitch

I kind of already did the fun part with all the pretty colors first so that’s a bummer for the future of this project.  There’s a lot of variations of ‘cream’ and black left to go…  Normally I do the boring parts first to get them out of the way and end with the fun parts.  Either way, this project is small enough that it shouldn’t take me too long to finish it.  I just wanted to do something small and easy that my husband and I could hang in our house.

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